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Webinar Class Notes

  1. You must install the software correctly.
    – If the program icon appears on desktop but does not open when clicked, try changing the default printer in your control panel
  2. Choose an appropriate photograph.
    – No landscapes, flower, building or cars etc. You can learn how to make landscapes, flower, building and cars in an advanced class.
  3. Use a high quality photo.
    – Scan your photos at 200 dots per inch (dpi)
    – Change the camera setting in your phone to high quality.
  4. Use the best software settings.
    – Crop the background of your photo
    – Photo detail = how many pixels across
  5. Use the best software settings.
    – You can control the size of your quilt by editing the unit size of the pixels in the print window.
  6. Use the best software settings.
    – To save a pattern for later use you must only process the image one time.
  7. Make your pattern an appropriate size.
    – Beginner should only select photos with the face of one person or one animal.
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