Share Your Quilts With Us!

Want To Share Your Stitched Art With Us?

Please read instructions below to send your jpg. photos. You must first be registered as a student. If you need a student account you can take a free course by clicking this link: Register For Free Course

To begin, go to your Dashboard/Classroom

  1. Select “HELP DESK” from the menu. Submit a new ticket to see the screen above.
  2. Enter “Share My Success” in the subject box.
  3. Select any product or class in the drop down menu.
  4. Select “Feedback”  for Type.
  5. Please fill in the Description box with the comment you want included with your picture on the website (if you want it displayed.)Also include your Name and City. You can also ask a question and not have the picture displayed on the website if you prefer.
  6. Hit the “Browse” button to select the photo you want to share. We will accept .jpg files only.
  7. Click the submit button to send your photo!
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